Welcome to RSP Marketing Services!

Providing marketing support to authors and businesses.

Book Show Program

We Bring YOUR Book(s) To Book Shows Around the World.

Product Descriptions and Special Conditions

Book Signing Kit: Includes business card design, bookmark design, and banner design. Additional fees apply to ordering business cards, bookmarks, and banner/stand.

Website: We design and maintain a full website for both promotion and sales. If website already exists, we maximize the professionalism needed, and add collateral media.

Social Media Ads: Includes ad design and timely paid ads to promote new releases, appearances and book signings on appropriate social media platforms.

WRSP Radio: Includes WRSP podcast interview (WRSPradio.com), and full distribution of podcast through WRSP radio partners, including iTunes, YouTube, and more.

Hollywood Content Consumers: RSP has extensive contacts and existing consumers of written content that can be utilized in TV and Movie projects.  We will work with these contacts to potentially place content in these opportunities.

Book Teaser (video): 30 sec book teaser with stock video and/or photos with ‘coming soon’ or ‘now available’ messages.

Book Trailer: A custom video (average 60 sec) based on your book. Created with stock videos (no pictures).

TV search (CBS and other networks, Local Shows): Search and communication to land author multiple local, regional, and national TV appearances.

Social Media Management Assistance: We help you establish and administer FB and Instagram so they are more dynamic and populated with new content. **Author provides book excerpts and quotes for content creation.

Book Sales: We sell your books through all RSP sales channels and distributors.  RSP earns 25% from all online sales. Reports delivered quarterly. The author retains 100% of sales at their events.

***Book signing kits, author logos, FLiP Magazine features, WRSP radio features, videos, and media kits, are limited to 1 per year.